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Submitting Art For Production

When submitting art for production we ask that you try to follow a few simple guidelines to insure that you job prints correctly and at the highest quality possible.  Here are a few helpful hints.


  1. Save files for full color printing in CMYK color mode.  Files saved in RGB will be converted to CMYK for production but may not appear as expected.

  2. When possible please submit Vector art in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) Version CS4 for best results.

  3. If you are using other adobe software please save as PDF and Version CS4 if possible.  Photoshop files saved in highest quality JPG format are also acceptable.

  4. When submitting graphics files for full color (4CP) production, please do not use spot colors in your text or graphics.  Spot colors will be converted but transparency issues are likely to occur and produce unexpected results.

  5. When submitting a file please select all type and use the "outline fonts" tool.  Then "save as" to create a production version of your file.  Keep a copy of your original version with fonts in tact for later editing should it become necessary.

  6. Most full color print jobs require 300 dpi resolution for all imported images, graphics or JPG files submitted for production.

  7. When submitting jobs for printing in full color (4CP) there are a couple colors that regularly cause unexpected results because they do not display accurately on your RGB monitor.  To avoid blue printing purple make sure there is at least 30% less Magenta than Cyan in the color mix.. Example 100C/70M/0Y/25K will print as a dark navy blue, where 100C/100M/0Y/0K will print purple.

  8. To obtain a deep black on full color (4CP) jobs with large areas of black, or large black text, use the following mix for " Rich Black"  = 50C/50M/50Y/100K.

  9. Production art may be emailed to if files are too large for email or you find it more convenient, we recommend the DropBox cloud file sharing service or you can submit files to us directly using the "Submit File" button on this page.

  10. If you are already a dropbox user or would like a free membership, please follow the link to the left and then simply email the download link for your file to 

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