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QR Decal Instalation Instructions

  1. Find suitable locations to place your decals. (see below)
  2. Use alcohal pad to clean area
  3. Let dry throughly.
  4. Peel off backing paper and press firmly into place.
  1. DO NOT - Place on highly curved surfaces. 1-1/2 Inch Dia. Tube Max.
  2. DO NOT - Touch adhesive, make sure your fingers are clean and dry when applying decals.
  3. DO NOT - Try to remove decal, adhesive sets over time to maximum strength.

Choosing Decal Locations


The ideal locations for your decal will be a place where it looks like it belongs and does not draw attention to itself.  We recommend one decal be hidden, under the seat is ideal if there is a flat spot that has room to line up a phone so that it can be read.

  1. On flat surface of reflectors.
  2. Centered on fender
  3. flat area on frame or chain guard
  4. Under the seat.
  1. NO curved surface smaller than 1.5" Diameter
  2. NO place where phone camera can not be used to read code.
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