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Mark Your Bicycle With A QR Code.


How it works:

QR codes are a discrete way to put your contact information on your bike.  The idea is that traditional "Property Of" markings will be removed or covered up by a thief before they sell it.  By using an industrial quality QR code decal, the average theif will assume it is some advertisement for the manufacturer or just a decorative decal.  In addition we provide 4 copies of your decal (with our standard $5 kit) so some can be placed in plain site and others hidden.
NEW !! - As an additional option we are now offering a registration sticker kit.  Bike Index is a national bike registration database that is free to users and searchable by the public.  This allows law enforcement, bike shops, and other organizations find the owner of bikes that are stolen or abandon.  The advantages are that all your information including photos and serial numbers can be recorded and managed on line and in the event your bike is stolen you can update the database with specific information regarding the theft.  The disadvantages are that the QR code is dynamic so it requires an internet connection and if the database is discontinued or updated for some reason the QR code might become obsolete.  We highly recommend registering your bike at but it does requires some time and effort so we will continue to offer the "standard" kit for simplicity.
How exactly will this get my stuff back?:
This idea was developed for marking bicycles in New Orleans by "Stolen Bikes Nola Inc.".  The common scenario was that bikes were stolen and quickly resold or abandoned around town and picked up by the next rider to be used. The theft would be reported to the Stolen Bikes group but recovery would become problematic when the bike was not easily identifiable.   Victims would even say, " I see my bike down by Small Mart everyday but I can't be sure it's mine so there's not much I can do".  The QR code label is not a perfect solution but it is an inexpensive way to mark your bike and simplify the recovery effort.
  1. Custom QR is created with your personalized information.
  2. Your code is readable with nearly any free QR code app.
  3. *No internet connection or data base required to read your code.
  4. QR Code is printed on an industrial quality label material.
  5. Your QR code imprint is protected by a laminate film for durability.
  6. Decal is small, one inch square, so you have more placement options.
  7. Standard order includes 4 decals, additional available at a small charge.
  8. Spoke style "flag" decals also available
  9. Application instructions & suggestions included.
* Bike Index kit uses dynamic QR and requires internet connection.


Standard Kit

Spoke Flag

Bike Index


Before ordering a " Bike Index" kit you must register your bike at 


Once your bike is registered, copy and paste the your bikes listing into the order form below.




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